Rat Race to My Pace

The experiences of an ex corporate guy who escaped to pursue his passions

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  1. January Review (with surprises)

    So the first month of 2012 is over and as I mentioned in a previous post I carried out my monthly review (very corporate I know). I even put together a financials document to keep a track of how each month performs and to give me a quick overview on the year to date.

    After a slightly slow start I’m really excited that in January I earned (after tax) more than I did in a month working at Nokia. It’s not a huge amount more and I know it’s only 1 month but I’m hoping this is a start of continuously out earning what I did in “corporate world”.

    During this month I’ve also reflected on how my life has changed after escaping the rat race and there’s been a few things along the way I wasn’t expecting:

    Feeling more relaxed

    I’m a pretty chilled out guy as most of my close friends and family will confirm but I’ve found that my new life is making me more relaxed yet at the same time more focused. I know that every minute of every day is mine and I control it entirely.

    Bit of a daunting thought at first but I’m getting the hang of it and getting into the swing of controlling it but still achieving.

    Feeling healthier

    This one is the odd ball. Because I’m in control of my time it means that I feel less rushed when I go off to run errands like doing the weekly shop, it’s less about getting back to relax and more about just taking my time and watching everyone else running around panicing because they’re running late.

    I’ve started really thinking about what I’m eating (not that I ate badly before). But I’m buying in food that I usually never got or I would buy but forget I had and it would then go off, which is resulting in me eating even healthier and enjoying cooking as it’s not so much of a rush.

    More creative

    I think this comes from the more relaxed but increased focus as I’m finding my creativity is improving and new ideas are flowing with much greater ease. I’ve got back into designing again something which I thought I’d never get back to how I used to be but it’s all coming back with improved ideas and updated styles which really helps developing other ideas and concepts.

    As well as the design side, the improved creativity is helping inspire even more projects and ideas to develop (which adds a challenge of when I’m going to get a chance to work on them!). Building new relationships and collaborations will be a big factor in ensuring that these ideas get out instead of staying stuck in my head!

    Looking forward to the next few months and smashing my personal targets!

    Side note: this track came on whilst I was writing this thought I’d share. Great tune from Washed Out, check out their album.

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  2. Thought this was relevant. So true - go after your goals, follow those dreams!

    Thought this was relevant. So true - go after your goals, follow those dreams!

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  3. Thought I’d share this. Great quote :)

    Thought I’d share this. Great quote :)

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  4. 2012: The “make it happen” year

    Hope you all had a great festive break, and an enjoyable new years eve - can you remember it?! It was great to get away during Christmas and be able to switch off and reflect on the year passing and what’s to come.

    It’s been a good first two months out of the rat race getting the wheels in motion for my new venture, however I feel this new year is time to grab the bull by the horns and take action.

    On the flight home from Italy I started working on some targets for 2012 for a variety of areas:

    • My business (Creative Plantation)
    • Both startups I’m working on
    • "Other" projects I’d like to work on
    • Personal

    The latter of which is more about ensuring I’m not all work and no play and a reminder of the areas of my life (getting to the gym, making time to relax and enjoy myself etc).

    I’ve scheduled into my calendar a monthly reminder to go over my current status and see how they match up with my targets, which should help to ensure I don’t sway too far from the goal.

    How are you preparing for the year ahead? What resolutions have you made?

    Have a great year!

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  5. Seasons Greetings

    So I’m sat here just about to leave to head off on my Christmas holiday - snowboarding in Italy (something I pre booked before I left the rat race!), very excited!

    Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and enjoy your festive break, a great time for family and friends, catching up on the year past. Also a great time to think about the year ahead. From my point of view I’m hugely excited and looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings.

    I must admit I’ll be using some of the corporate traits and setting myself some goals to achieve and aim to review them on a monthly basis.

    Have a good one and here’s to a great 2012 for you all!

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  6. The Holstee Manifesto: Inspiring, thought provoking and very true!

    The Holstee Manifesto: Inspiring, thought provoking and very true!

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  7. Accounts and Mulled Wine

    Had a good meeting with an accountant from Nasa Consulting, unfortunately we didn’t talk much about space and about setting me up with a holiday to the moon. However some great tips and ideas about how to best setup my venture.

    I’ve had some mixed experiences in the past with accountants when I ran my previous business, so was a little hesitant about how this would go. Previously the accountant would tend to only be in touch once a year to formalise our accounts, get paid and then to never be heard from again.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s important to get it done properly but I’d prefer to have a more working relationship helping me make the most of every penny that comes and goes ensuring anything I can claim back is taken care of.

    Luckily the serious talks were followed by catching up with some friends from Nokia days and enjoying some mulled wine, perhaps this is how all meetings should finish?

    Seasons greetings all!

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  8. 5 perks to escaping the rat race

    I knew making the jump from corporate to running my “own show” would be daunting and challenging but I’ve found some great perks to it so far.

    1. You’re in control of your time
      Whilst this may seem scary for some (I was anxious at first). The ability to dictate every moment of your week can be very powerful. It’s not just about sorting out your work hours it can help you achieve more things whilst everyone else is stuck in the office. It’s odd seeing what happens outside of the office during work hours!

    2. Control where/how you work
      As well as being in control of when you’re working, I’ve found it liberating being able to work from anywhere as long as I’ve got my laptop to hand and usually in need of an Internet connection.

    3. Build your network and meet new people
      Leaving the “comfort zone” of the corporate world, it can be challenging to find new clients. However it can also be a great time to meet new people, be sure to get in touch with people who you may have worked with in the past and explore potential collaborations. Social media has also been great for me so far so don’t forget to “connect” with relevant people.

    4. Decide what you work on
      Instead of senior management deciding what you’re going to be working on for the next year, this has been something I’ve really enjoyed. The ability to choose what you’re working on and who you work with is great. Finally I get to explore some of my projects and ideas.

    5. Personal life
      This one I didn’t expect. I’ve found that by simply getting out of the situation I was in and pursuing my career dreams and passions has made me feel more relaxed and at the same time more focused about what I want to do.
      Instead of getting in from work thinking “I should really work on some of my projects otherwise it will never happen” and for it to then almost feel like a chore, I’m finding I spend my day with music on, working away and feeling great. I finish when I feel good and ready then have time to do whatever I want to do - it’s making the days feel longer!

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